Yes, our cook maintains a full menu of balanced nutritious meals for the whole day, including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a light supper in the evening.

The menus are posted outside the kitchen for you to see what your children were offered during the day and a chart is kept of how much your child ate, located in each room.  We encourage healthy eating habits and support picky eaters to try out new foods.

Children with allergies – Individual meals are prepared separately and served in special dishes so there is no opportunity for cross-contamination. Children with allergies have an individual management plan accessible to staff at all times in each room.

No, because some children toilet train quicker than others and to keep fees down, we ask parents of children still in nappies to pack enough for your child each day. Nappies are stored in each child’s individual pocket and encourage parents to write their names on the nappies. 

We do keep an emergency stock however for those mornings when it just doesn’t come together. We only ask that if this stock is dipped into, that it be replenished.

Yes, as there are many types of formulas, foods, etc. we do not supply these, however, we will make sure any special foods you pack for your child are served to them at the right time, temperature etc.

Parents of nursery children should bring portioned bottles unprepared to the service in a labelled bottle enough for the day.

Ask our staff how this works when you come in to see us.

Every child enrolled has an individually tailored developmental program. As part of this program the older children have special school readiness activities programmed and a special school report prepared to ensure the best transition to “Big School”.

As this needs to be a co-ordinated effort both here and at home, we have a special program to help make this time as easy as possible. Just ask us to explain when you come in.

Yes, Parents are welcome to attend the centre to visit or help at any time. If you would like to spend time at the centre please speak with staff and we will be more than happy to organise a time for you to attend.


There is no cost for new enrolment. On commencement, you pay for one week and one week in advance and then weekly payments to keep one week in advance. 

See more in the Fee’s section of our website.

If your child is unwell or is on holiday – we ask parents to phone the service to let us know that your child will not be attending that day. Fee’s are still payable for that day. 

If you require an extra day/s at particular times, please contact the Management Team. If possible, we will try our best accommodate for these special situations.

If you wish to enrol for extra days on a permanent basis, please contact the office for a Change of Details form (also available online).

If you apply to be put on the waiting list for additional days, these days will be offered to you as soon as they become available.

If withdrawing your child or reducing days, for whatever reason, two weeks’ notice is required, or two weeks fees in lieu.
Children must attend the full notice period or the full fee will be charged. Please use our change of details form. 

Our Opening hours are 7am – 6pm Monday to Friday. We only close for public holidays so that we are here all year round to support working families.

Our low fees include all meals, materials, learning, fun and cuddles that your child is likely to need.

(As of June 2020)  From $88 per day.
Short Days (9am – 3pm) from $68 per day.

Please ask us for more details on enrolment or during your tour.

We also offer casual placement days.

Child Care Subsidy is available for all our fees. We talk this though with you on your enrolment and we can provide an estimate for you based on your family situation.

It’s easy to enrol with us. We are here to help you with the forms if you need it. Please take a look at the enrollment form online and give us a call to arrange to come in and meet our team and show your child around.

Yes, we operate strictly within the Victorian health guidelines. (As of August 2020) The current advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer is that regional Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services remain safe places for staff and children.

That means Benalla Kids continues to operate under Stage 3 restrictions, with appropriate risk-mitigation measures in place. This means that we have extra cleaning and hygiene processes in place and staff are vigilant with these processes. If you have questions or concerns please do speak to one of the Educators. If you or your child are unwell please do contact us and let us know.


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