Our Philosophy

It is our belief at Benalla Kids Cottage that we should be an extension to a loving home-like environment for all families who are part of growing up with us. 

Communication and Openness

We strive daily to develop and maintain an open and supportive communication with our families and everyone who visits and attends.

We practice excellent hygiene

We practice excellent health and safety. In particular we practice COVID safe hygiene practices and also have a safe arrival and departure area fro children to be collected from cars by our staff in a safe manor. For more information about our policy please speak to our staff. 

Strong Relationships

We believe that sound relationships with families is central to ensuring continuity and progression in a child’s learning and ongoing development.

An Excellent Learning Environment

The learning environment is planned to embrace diversity and encourage a positive attitude toward gender, ethnicity, cultural diversity, individual family structure, the difference in physical ability and the natural environment. Our spacious and inviting Centre has 2 rooms, catering for 3 age groups that inspire many different styles and opportunities for play and learning.

Many learning areas are available each day and are regularly extended or changed as the children’s needs and interests develop and modify.

Our beautiful sun smart playground and vegetable/flower gardens support our programs relating to physical development and wellbeing, co-ordination and respecting and nurturing the natural environment.

Arts/crafts and creative play, physical and outdoor play, dramatic and home corner play, block and construction play, cognitive skills development, music and movement, language development and the natural world and sustainability are all explored and supported in our wonderful rich environment in a practical and thoughtful way.

Children are Respected and Valued

Children learn more effectively through the exchange of ideas and dialogue between educators and children of all ages. Children and educators are involved in co-operative open-ended discovery and problem solving on a daily basis. Each child’s opinion is valued and respected.

We are always learning too 

Our management and educators maintain ongoing training and professional development. Through ongoing assessment and reflection on our actions and practices we are able to identify areas of strengths and areas that may require further development.

Our staff and educators are our greatest asset. We continue to ensure that their work environment is a safe and rewarding one.

Our Learning Program


Our program and educational aims are strongly linked to The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and play based principles. 

We see ourselves as a ‘Educational Environment With Longer Hours’ and are committed to supporting children and families through our ‘School Readiness Program’ for kids  to ensure their transition to Big School is smooth and hassle free.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum focuses on:

  • Numeracy,
  • Literacy,
  • creativity in art and self-expression,
  • dramatic play and the performing arts,
  • science and technology,
  • music and movement,
  • language and storytelling,
  • diversity and empathy,
  • nutrition and physical development and
  • our natural environment

As the children, families and the wider communities are major contributors to our programming our curriculum features a combination of spontaneous and planned/intentional experiences.


We also focus on the EYLF principles of knowing what it means to BE, BELONG and BECOME.  The children are supported to meet the 5 Outcomes suggested in the EYLF i.e.

Benalla Kids Cottage Children have a strong sense of identity

Benalla Kids Cottage Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Benalla Kids Cottage Children have a strong sense of well-being

Benalla Kids Cottage Children are confident and involved learners

Benalla Kids Cottage Children are effective communicators

We strongly believe that all children learn through their own experiences and exploration. Discovery and learning is the greatest reward and gift.