Babies and Toddlers

How do you toilet train?

As this needs to be a co-ordinated effort both here and at home, we have a special program to help make this time as easy as possible. Just ask us to explain when you come in.

Do I need to supply baby formula etc?

Yes, as there are many types of formulas, foods, etc. we do not supply these, however, we will make sure any special foods you pack for your child are served to them at the right time, temperature etc. Parents of nursery children should bring portioned bottles unprepared to the service in a labelled bottle enough

Do you supply nappies?

No, because some children toilet train quicker than others and to keep fees down, we ask parents of children still in nappies to pack enough for your child each day. Nappies are stored in each child’s individual pocket and encourage parents to write their names on the nappies.  We do keep an emergency stock however

Do you supply meals ?

Yes, our cook maintains a full menu of balanced nutritious meals for the whole day, including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a light supper in the evening. The menus are posted outside the kitchen for you to see what your children were offered during the day and a chart is kept of how

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